Sunday, August 1, 2010

RGPV Bhopal syllabus

Course: BE-203

Basic Mechanical Engineering

New RGPV syllabus for session 2010-2011 and onwards

Unit 1: Materials

Classification of engineering material, Composition of cast iron and carbon steels on Iron-Carbon diagram and their mechanical properties. Alloy steels and their application. Stress-strain diagram, Hooke's law and modulus of elasticity. Tensile, shear, hardness and fatigue testing of materials.

Unit 2: Measurement

Temperature, pressure, velocity, flow strain, force and torque measurements. Concept of measurement error & uncertainty analysis. measurement by Vernier caliper, micrometer, dial gauges, slip gauges, sine-bar and combination set. Introduction to lathe, drilling, milling and shaping machines.

Unit 3: Fluids

Fluid properties pressure, density and viscosity. Pressure variation with depth, static and kinetic energy. Bernoulli’s equation for incompressible fluids. Viscous and turbulent flow. Working principle of fluid coupling, pumps, compressors turbines, positive displacement machines and pneumatic machines. Hydraulic power and pumped storage plants for peak load management as compared to base load plants.

Unit IV: Thermodynamics

First and second law of thermodynamic. Steam properties, Steam processes at constant pressure, volume, enthalpy & entropy. Classification and working of boilers, efficiency and performance analysis, natural and artificial draught, calculation of chimney height. Refrigeration, vapor absorption & compression cycles, coefficient of performance (C.O.P.), refrigerant properties & eco-friendly refrigerants.

UNIT V: Reciprocating Machines/Engines

Steam engines, hypothetical and actual indicator diagram, Carnot cycle and ideal efficiency, Otto and diesel cycles, working of two stroke & four stroke petrol and diesel I.C. engines.
Text Book: -
  1. Basic Mechanical Engineering - Basant Agrawal and C. M. Agrawal, Wiley India Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Basic Mechanical Engineering - P.K. Nag, K. Tripathi and C.B. Pawar, Tata McGraw Hill
  3. Mechanical Engineering - R.K. Rajput, Laxmi Publications
  4. Fundamental of Mechanical Engineering - G.S. Sawhney, Prentice Hall of India
Reference Books: -
  1. Material Science - Narula and Narula, Tata McGraw Hill.
  2. Instrumentation and Measurements - Nakra and Chaudhary. Tata McGraw Hill.
  3. Engineering Thermodynamic - P.K. Nag, Tata McGraw Hill.
  4. Internal Combustion Engines - V. Ganesan, Tata McGraw Hill.

List of Suggestive core Experiments:-

  1. Tensile testing of standard mild steel specimen.
  2. Experiments on Bernoulli’s theorem.
  3. Flow measurements by venturimeter and orificemeter.
  4. Linear and angular measurement using, Vernier; micrometer, slip gauge, dial gauge and sine-bar.
  5. Study of different types of boilers and mountings.
  6. Experiment on mini-boiler (50 Kg/Hour)
  7. To find COP of a refrigeration unit.
  8. Study of different IC engines & measurement of B.H.P. using rope/belt dynamometer.
  9. Analysis of exhaust gases on petrol, diesel & biodiesel engines.